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Our Story

70% of India’s electricity and over 60% of world’s electricity is generated through burning of fossil fuels today. Even though there is a free and unlimited energy source right on top of us, We failed to use its full potential. Just a minute 2% of energy the world needs is being produced through solar today. We live in a bottleneck situation for sustainability. We live in a time where we have to rethink every step we took in the past and correct it to not affect our planet.
Origian was founded with one goal in mind. That is to be a flagship sustainability brand. Our goal is to help people who are willing to make a shift towards clean energy. Make going solar simple. With our Custom design solutions & 24/7 service support
We are a Solar EPC company, meaning we do Engineering, Procurement and Construction related to solar PV and thermal systems. With our expertise in Designing & commissioning of different types of Solar systems like, Solar ON GRID power plants, Solar OFF GRID power plants, Solar water heating systems, Solar water pumping systems, Solar lighting systems and also Security systems, We can provide a customized solution for the consumer . Origian only partners with brands with customer focused culture to ensure the best possible quality and service support.